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Ten Tips to Protect Immunity

     What if there are more powerful ways to protect our immunity than bathing in hand sanitizer and wearing masks?  In fact, What if those very practices are doing more harm than good?  Are we weakening our systems to fight against the upcoming regular cold and flu season?  Here are 10 points we are not being told about Immunity.

Bacteria on Our Skin is the first barrier of protection.  Anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers have been proven to destroy this barrier and make us more vulnerable to infection.

Fresh Air is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy immune system. Staying indoors and wearing a mask that causes you to breathe your own CO2 on a consistent basis in no way promotes a healthy immune function.  The effectiveness of masks against harmful exposure to pathogens is highly debatable with controversial data on both sides of the issue published from the scientific community.  Personal choice, pre-existing and vulnerable conditions are important factors and must be left to the individual.  The value of fresh air for optimal function of the body’s systems, however, is indisputable.

Two Immune System Functions: Did you know you have two types of immune function?  Our bodies are pre-programmed with the most intelligent natural protection and healing mechanisms on the planet!

Innate Immunity:  This involves natural killer cells that fight harmful germs and bacteria that enter the body typically through the skin or digestive system.

Adaptive Immunity:  Also known as “Acquired Immunity”-  involves immune cells recording a “cell memory” of harmful pathogens it encounters for the first time.  This allows the immune system to activate when and if it encounters the same pathogen, or a mutation of it ever again.  The Adaptive Immune System is intelligently and consistently learning and adapting, causing it to recognize harmful germs and viruses even as they mutate- to trigger a powerful immune response.

“Fear, Anxiety and Social Isolation are Immunosuppressants…The detrimental effects of these emotions and behaviors in weakening our overall health cannot be overstated.”


Good Bacteria:  Bacteria can get a bad rap- not all of it is harmful!  There are actually strains of good bacteria that thrive on our skin and in our digestive system- where up to 80% of our immunity resides.  We strengthen the amount of good bacteria through a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with prebiotic and probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kefir.  Processed and instant foods are about as beneficial to our immunity as the cardboard and plastic in which they are contained.  Supplementation of vital nutrients may be beneficial.

Fasting: Were you aware that studies have shown intermittent fasting can strengthen your immunity in as little as 3 days?!

Cold Showers: Turning the water cold at the end of a hot shower has been proven to increase natural “killer cells” in the immune system.

Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium: Vitamin C, given in various doses has been proven to strengthen immunity to eradicate harmful pathogens, including even cancer cells.  Trace Minerals (which are essential for optimal health) such as Zinc and Selenium have also been tested in multiple trials to be powerful antioxidants and weapons against viruses— cold or “carona” viruses in particular.  Zinc was proven to inhibit the activity and replication of another “caronavirus”—SARS-CoV.   Selenium has been proven to have a powerful effect on both the Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems.   It has been used in multiple trials as an effective weapon against various bacterial and viral infections. These minerals can be found in seafood and beef as well as fresh veggies.  Our bodies do not store zinc so we have to obtain it either through diet or supplementation.  Selenium is more readily absorbed in its amino acid form.

Physical Activity: Studies show that even moderate physical activity can improve immune function in a relatively short time.  Outdoor Physical Activity is especially beneficial due to exposure of fresh air and sunshine, from which we absorb Vitamin D.

Fear, Anxiety and Social Isolation are Immunosuppressants. A steady diet of fearful statistics and messages of death and destruction actually weaken not only our immune systems, but virtually every cell in our bodies.  Social Isolation can cause depression and increase anxiety. The detrimental effects of these emotions and behaviors in weakening our overall health cannot be overstated.

Spirituality: Multiple studies show that a belief in something greater than ourselves is highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  Interesting tests have been done on the power of prayer and meditation, showing incredible and inexplicable results of how these two practices were powerful in both the protection against and recovery from illness and disease.

These are disturbing and uncertain times.  We want to do the best for ourselves and our families. It’s time to remember the natural resources provided to us in our own natural healing and health machines—our bodies.  Give your body the best of what it needs and deserves to thrive!