Cellular Repair:  Powerful Energy for Healing!

Cellular Repair: Powerful Energy for Healing!

Navigating the Seas of Supplements

Nutraceutical:  “A food or part of food or nutrient, that provides health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a disease.”  

By Debbie Anderson

     Let me ask you, Friend….have you been in a health-food store recently? I mean…have you walked into that carnival funhouse of brightly-colored bottles and sections and rows and shelves and brochures–all claiming their particular product is THE ONE that will cure what ails you?! I dare say, it’s the Cheesecake Factory menu all over again! So many choices! If you want Vitamin D, well, do you want D3 or regular? What potency IU? Brand? Tablet? Gelcap? Sublingual? Liquid? Size of bottle? And on….and on…even Amazon.com is a jungle. So how do you go about making the right choice?– Especially if you’re searching for a health supplement that will basically fuel your entire body for overall health? Let’s get real–The search can take a more serious tone if you’re looking for something to help you recover from serious health issues , chronic conditions and pain…that’s no laughing matter.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find all of the healing nutrients your body needs in ONE supplement?  ONE bottle instead of 50 in your cabinet?!  Stay Tuned…   

Manufacturing and processing often cuts the potency of ingredients in supplements by up to 90%,–NINETY PERCENT!

     After years of research and development, I believe I have formulated an answer: Cellular Repair. It’s no secret: Our bodies were created to heal themselves! The second you get a scratch, a virtual army of cells marches in for the rescue to repair any damage. It stands to reason then, that feeding and energizing those cells is key to optimizing your cellular army! Equipped with powerful nutrients, those microscopic miracle workers can travel throughout your body, repairing, restoring and rebalancing you into a state of optimal wellness! Where can we find these nutrients? There are two primary factors to look for in effectiveness: (1) A High Energetic Vibrational Frequency of quality ingredients, and (2) Nutraceuticals. These are two primary components of my original formulation, Cellular Repair.
     I’ve touted the phenomenal value of Energetic Vibrational Frequency in previous articles, but as a reminder, here is an explanation from Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Heart M.D. Institute.com, who states in his online article, High-Vibration is the New Organic: “…everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy, interactive subatomic particles; and everything we consume or surround ourselves with ultimately impacts our energy and health–for better or for worse.”  High Energetic Vibrational Frequency = Powerful Healing Energy!  Overly-processed foods are unhealthy for our digestion, and overly-processed supplements can cut the High Vibrational Frequency of the ingredients, rendering them virtually ineffective. A minimally-processed supplement is crucial for Cellular Energy!

     Another essential component for efficacy is Nutraceuticals. “What the heck is a nutraceutical?!” you ask. See…I can picture you reading this…Well–let me get out my reading glasses so I can slide them to the end of my nose and look highly intelligent as I say–“A nutraceutical, my friend, is the wave of the future for health supplements.” Come now, weren’t you deeply impressed? Mmm Hmm. Okay, allow me to expand, using some actual scientific definition and description for you. The term itself was derived from the two words “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical”, by Dr. Stephen DeFelice, founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine. Wikipedia defines it as “A food or part of food or nutrient, that provides health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a disease.” Basically, it is the combination of taking powerful elements that are pharmaceutical-grade and combining them with either actual foods or extractions of “food parts” and nutrients. As a growing, awakening public realizes–whole, nutritional, organic foods nourish, strengthen and fuel our bodies. Nutraceuticals power and strengthen our cells, and are the primary ingredients in Cellular Repair!                                                                                         Personal experience, and that of my clients’ led me to ask, “… even if we are eating all of the right things–with some on special, nutrient-rich diets, why does food-alone not seem to be enough?” One answer came to mind. As a farmer’s wife, I know that the earth’s soil, as a whole, after years of over-planting and overuse–is depleted of nutrients and minerals. Believe it or not, we have to supplement nutrients back into our soil now, in order to grow crops and yield any harvest. “So yes,” I concluded, “…we do need supplementation–and a combination of powerful, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals, combined with whole, organic food nutrients– could really be a game-changer.” That Game-Changer became my original formulation, Cellular Repair.
     What sets Cellular Repair apart in comparison to the quality and effectiveness of other supplements? Here is a hint: Do you realize that the “Health and Nutrition Supplement” industry is speculated to grow to around $250 billion through 2024?! Sing it with me now–“Money, money, money, mon-ey, monneeeyyy…” What does that say to you? Has the pharmaceutical industry found a new cash cow? And if they are mass-producing “health supplements” by the millions…how much attention do you believe they are paying to quality and effectiveness? Not only does manufacturing and processing often cut the potency of ingredients by up to 90%,–NINETY PERCENT–but there are a whole host of other problems. The website, FDA.gov, states that they regularly have to pull products that have “(a) microbiological, pesticide and heavy metal contamination, (b)absence of a dietary ingredient claimed to be in the product, (c) presence of more or less than the amount of the dietary ingredient claimed on the label, and (d) unscrupulous manufacturers selling ‘bogus products’ that should not be on the market at all. Pay attention to that last one. I mean, do you want your grandma’s homemade cookies that were baked with love from scratch–or do you want mass-produced, shrink-wrapped, store-bought muffins that sit on your counter for months without molding because of all of the preservatives? It’s the same with a small manufacturer whose goal is to maintain the integrity of a product, and a large manufacturer, whose goal is mass-production.
     I sought out a small manufacturer to formulate my product. I did so with the purest of intentions and highest quality I could achieve and just as any proud parent, I am happy to present to you–a formula unlike anything I have found on the market–a formula intended to work in perfect synergy to supplement your cells to be able to go wherever you need healing in your body, and promote wellness, and balance and vitality–a formula that contains a powerful key to health–energetic, vibrational frequencyCellular Repair. ONE bottle instead of 50–It’s All You Need! You can find it in our Healing Touch Shop. I truly hope this will be a powerhouse to help defeat chronic conditions, fatigue, illness, pain and disease. Those are not what God intended for us. Can I get an “Amen”?! Be encouraged! Healing is possible! Just give it time–and patience through the process. You will get there. I’m keeping the faith with you.

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