Vibrational Energy and Frequency: Keys to Health!

Vibrational Energy and Frequency: Keys to Health!

Energy Holds the Key

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”–Tesla


     Let’s face it. We’re a society full of people in pain, with illusive, unexplained illnesses, feeling exhausted and less than our best. Google search bars are full of seekers of “better health, more energy, pain relief”…and we are inundated with the latest “Elimination Diet” or “Toxin Cleanse” that we frantically attempt to follow for weeks, until it becomes too cumbersome, and the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the sacrifice and effort.
     As for a traditional medical answer? We run from doctor to doctor, test to test, often at no fault to the practitioners, who are using the current breakthroughs in modern medicine and scientific studies to do all they can in an attempt to solve the enigma. Moderate relief of symptoms is usually offered through prescription, but coupled with a hefty dose of possible side-effects, sometimes including “could result in death”. Really?! Relief of symptoms–but at what cost? And is it an answer to the root of the problem? Is it ever really delving to the depths of the root of your misery–or, like me, have you had to continue on a long, winding, healing journey finding nuggets of breadcrumbs along the way?

      The Root of the Issue…

     ***** What if I told you that the answer is closer and easier than you think? Prepare yourself for an epiphany: the illusive, unattainable answer has already been programmed into our own bodies! That’s right–just like “The Wizard of Oz”–you’ve had it all along, Dorothy. And you don’t even have to click your glittery red pumps to get there! (Though I love a stunning shoe as much as the next woman). Now I, like many of you–spent years–and thousands of dollars running down rabbit trails of the next “answer to it all”, and thankfully, it was not all for naught, as wisdom and knowledge were gained like pieces to a puzzle along the route– but the very greatest revelation so far? The answer is near and here–and it’s been provided for us.

“…everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy, interactive subatomic particles; and everything we consume or surround ourselves with ultimately impacts our energy and health – for better or for worse.”  Dr. Stephen Sinatra

     You see, God, in His infinite, supernatural wisdom and creativity–installed a unique, vibrational energy into every element of His creation–which includes YOU, and the intricate network of you that is built of cells–live, energetic (some more than others) vibrating cells! Does it not make sense that God created our bodies to heal themselves? Does your body not immediately start the healing process with even the slightest scratch? Take this wonderful quote from a doctor with is a “board-certified cardiologist, certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, and certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist”: (Is that enough expertise to impress?!) Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Heart M.D. Institute.com, in his online article, “High-Vibration is the New Organic”, explains “…everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy, interactive subatomic particles; and everything we consume or surround ourselves with ultimately impacts our energy and health – for better or for worse.”

         WOW! Read that last quote once again and let it really sink in. “Vibrational Energy…impacts our…health.” It’s a fascinating concept, is it not? You mean, everything has a specific frequency of energy at which it’s vibrating? Has anyone else ever discovered or confirmed this? Well, besides ancient cultures and the ancient study of Acupuncture and Ayurveda? Yes! The infamous visionary, inventor and scientist, Nikola Tesla–father of multiple discoveries in electricity and laser technology, stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

     Ok…I don’t know that I need the secrets to the entire universe, but I would certainly like the secrets to living pain-free, vibrantly, full of energy, vitality, health and wellness–wouldn’t you? Another scientist and Nobel Prize Winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, claimed, “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Moving Energy! If this is true, why aren’t we tapping into this secret? Why does it seem that we tend to view any type of experiment with “energy healing or medicine” as “snake oil” , a New Age philosophy or something of which to be frightened or skeptical? Are we frightened of other things we cannot see but know exist and are powerful? The wind? Air? Prayer? Perhaps that healing journey we are all traveling requires the courage to step off the paved, yellow-brick road and follow a path only a few keen eyes can spot through the overgrowth of confusing information and empty claims.

       Off the Beaten Path

Go ahead…ask yourself…

***** If the flow of energy and the strength of vibrational frequency is key to optimal function, wellness and balance in body organs, glands, systems and functions– then doesn’t it make sense that the blockage, or breakdown of that flow could lead to a breakdown of optimal health and wellness?!*****

     Eureka!  This is the question I began to ask myself, as a student and practitioner of Alternative and Natural Medicine for over 20 years. I’ve sought God to lead me every step of the way to the next revelation in my practice of doing all I can to have Him work through me to help people find true healing and to live their lives with vibrancy, balance and wellness. In doing so, I believe, He has helped me utilize the keys of moving energy, frequency and vibration and put that knowledge into specific products that are proving to be crucial aids in people’s healing journeys and recoveries.
So you’re officially invited–off the beaten path–to follow me on blog posts that will explain, not only my Original Products and the ingredients and technology that produced them, but also the latest information on Natural Health and Wellness! Listen to real people’s individual healing stories! Take a Peek!


Cellular Repair:This is one of my first original products–developed with a special, proprietary blend of nutraceuticals, or cell-foods, vitamins and minerals, vibrating at optimal frequencies in synergy– to promote Healing in the body wherever Healing is needed most!! Our bodies are crying out for optimal nutrition and nourishment that powers our cells to be in a constant state of maintenance and repair to keep us at our healthiest! In our modern age of mass production, “processed” foods and supplements rob us of vital nutrients– and “processing” detrimentally diminishes vital, healing frequencies to ineffective lows that are unable to sustain us. Cellular Repair is minimally processed, high-quality, organic nutrition and supplementation for your cells to carry throughout other body organs, glands and systems to Balance, Energize and Promote Healing! Find it in our Healing Touch Shop!

Healing Touch Disk: A Groundbreaking, Amazing, Innovative Product–unlike anything you’ve seen! (If I do say so myself! Ha!) This is a phenomenal, small metal disk device that utilizes seminal technology discovered by scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. It is virutally unmatched in its ability to use positive environmental Energy to restore balance and function to cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems for Optimal Health! Place it wherever you need it on the body for congested energy that is causing pain or sluggish systems, chronic conditions, etc. Much like the practice of Acupuncture works to clear congested energy-The Healing Touch Disk functions in a somewhat similar way–but acts as a type of antenna–drawing in positive energy to clear negative blockages and open a path for energy to flow. Experience the pain of a headache disappear in a few moments after application of the disk! Watch tight muscles loosen after a few moments of application! Place it over the thyroid gland to stimulate better function! If you want to see other tangible results, place the disk under a glass of water for half an hour. Use that energized water on a plant that’s struggling to thrive and watch an incredible transformation! I’ve done these things myself–as have many of my clients– with amazing results! Find this remarkable product in our Healing Touch Shop and be sure to read follow-up blog posts!

Healing Touch Pain Patches: Harnessing and imprinting the Vibrational Energy Frequencies of properties that alleviate pain and inflammation–be on the lookout for my New, Innovative Pain Patches, currently in production and soon to be released! Again–check out my blog posts on the technology behind the product!

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